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Important Dates

MAY 2017    

May 1 - Parent Climate Survey On-Line

May 3 - ART SHOW 4 - 6pm

May 4 - DSBN Badminton Tournament

May 5 - Silver Birch, Red Maple

May 8 - Garrison Track Meet

May 9, 10, 11 - Mobile Dental Clinic

May 10 - 4:30 - 6:30 Kinder Parent Math Night

May 12 - Water Festival (Brewster, Thomas, Anderson, Bouchard)

May 15 - Music Monday

May 16 - Region 1 Track Meet

May 17 - Gr 1 Community Trip

May 18 - Pita Pit $ Due

May 18 - Welcome To Kindergarten Night

May 19 - PD DAY No Classes for Students

May 19 - Last Day to complete Parent Climate Survey


Schools are Closed


May 23, 24, 25 - Gr 8 Camp Wahanowin Trip

May 26 - 1:30 Assembly and Twin Day

May 27 - 8:30am - 1:30pm Brock Science Camp Bottle Drive Fundraiser


Welcome to Garrison Road School's Website


 Please refer to our website where you can find updates about the many events and activities planned throughout the school year. 



Welcome to Kindergarten Night

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

An introduction to kindergarten for your child.

Learning through play activities, informative presentations and experience a ride on a real school bus!

























Whatis LD@home?

LD@home is a free resource created by the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) for parents of children ages K to gr 8 with learning disabilities (LDs). The website, www.LDatHome.ca, provides information, resources, and a supportive environment for parents in Ontario. LD@home works with Ontario school boards to provide parents with information that educators feel is relevant while reaching their goal to ensure that students with LDs are successful, both in school and for the rest of their lives. For more details, please visit their website.



One of the most exciting things about the weather warming up is all the opportunity children have to enjoy outdoor activities such as sports, games and time with friends. With children spending more time outdoors, we would like to remind all students about the importance of staying safe.


To help ensure the safety of all children, we regularly review our safety guidelines with students. We recommend that, when you have an opportunity, that parents/guardians also discuss these guidelines with children at home.


  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Always walk to and from school with a buddy.
  • Do not take short cuts through alleys, parks, fields, etc. even if they are well lit
  • Let someone know where you are and where you are going
  • If you suspect someone is following you, RUN! Go to the nearest safe place
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, go to the nearest safe place
  • Walk confidently and be aware of your surroundings
  • Never, ever get into a stranger’s vehicle
  • We appreciate your help! By working together, we can help students enjoy their time outdoors safely and responsibly.

April 3, 2017




Below are some great resources for you on how you can help your child at home.

Please click on the appropriate links below for more information.

KINDERGARTEN ~ Count Together

PRIMARY GRADES 1, 2 AND 3 ~ Making It Count

JUNIOR GRADES 4, 5 AND 6 ~ Counting Ahead

INTERMEDIATE GRADES 7 AND 8 ~ Countless Opportunities


Keep your children engaged with these family fun activities!



One-Time Donation  In the past, the Parent Association has provided financial assistance to many programs, such as Breakfast Club, drama productions, sports activities, Yearbook Club, Music Monday and the kinder and grade 8 graduations. These are just a few examples of how your support will benefit the students of Garrison Road School. While we are suggesting a donation of $30 per family, any support will greatly help us achieve our fundraising goal of $3,000.  Thank you for your consideration, The Parent Association.

Pen Financial Banking every Tuesday from 8:30 - 8:45am in the foyer.

Pizza Day is every Friday except PD days and early release days.  Please have payment into School Cash Online by Wednesday or handed in to your home room teacher by Wednesday of each week. 

**New 40km/h speed limit now in effect during entry and release times.  For the safety of our students please slow down when lights are flashing.

School Cash Online: We're making it easier for you to connect with our school - approve permission forms and even make payments online. 

For more information on how to register please click here!


Information about transportation changes and school closures will be posted on the DSBN Facebook and Twitter feeds, posted on the DSBN and school websites, and communicated to local radio and television stations. To have information delivered straight to your smart phone, download the DSBN App from the Apple Store or Google Play. There is also very detailed information on the DSBN website at http://www.dsbn.org/inclementweather/


If you require general transportation information please go to www.nsts.ca or call Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290

For other District School Board of Niagara information please visit www.dsbn.org or call the DSBN Education Centre at 905-641-1550 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm